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Endorsed by Congressman Jim Himes

Democratic Candidate for CT District 149 — 
North Greenwich, North Stamford and Westover.
Find out if you live in District 149: Stamford Map / Greenwich Map 
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I am the endorsed Democratic candidate running for State Representative of the 149th District to keep Connecticut moving forward. I firmly believe that through continued fiscal responsibility, responsible investment in our state’s growth and protection of our shared values our state can be a place of great opportunity for everyone.


I can't stand on the sidelines while our current Representative stands in the way of Connecticut's progress.

She hasn’t fought for our fair share from Hartford and continually votes against our values—women’s rights, public education, protecting our environment, voting rights, and the economic best interests of Greenwich and Stamford. She doesn't deliver results for our communities, does not represent our values, and doesn't deserve to be re-elected.

Economic Growth & Prosperity

Connecticut’s economy is booming. I am committed to working with the legislature and Governor Lamont to continue the Connecticut Comeback.


The private sector has recovered 80%+ of the jobs lost during Covid, homeowners are experiencing a surge in home values and our state’s economy was ranked 12th in the nation as we exited 2021. Companies such as ITT, Capital Network, Digital Currency, Tomo Networks, and Phillip Morris are moving to Greenwich and Stamford and the state's unemployment rate is 3.7%. Additionally, S&P recently raised Connecticut's bond outlook from stable to positive.


But there is still much work to do. I am committed to supporting initiatives that will continue this upward trajectory, including training programs that get our young people ready for 21st-century jobs; programs that help small businesses get a start in our communities; improvements in transportation to make commuting easier; and affordable housing to attract younger families to our towns.

Fiscal Responsibility & Lower Taxes

The recent budget passed by Democrats in Hartford provides Connecticut taxpayers with a $600 million tax cut, the largest tax cut in our history.

The budget also makes transformative investments in our cities and towns, childcare, healthcare, and education, all while continuing to pay down unfunded pension liabilities that save us over $440 million every year, and keeping our rainy day fund full, so as to protect against tax increases in the event of an economic downturn.

With stagnant population numbers, we must do more to attract and keep residents in Connecticut. I will fight to eliminate CT’s estate tax, which is driving wealthier older residents away and harming family-owned businesses that are passed down through generations. 

 I am excited by our state’s fiscal progress and committed to working in Hartford to continue lowering taxes and balancing our budgets while investing wisely in our communities.

Protecting Women's Health

As the parent of four daughters, I am passionate about protecting women’s reproductive rights.


I understand that for women to achieve financial and social equity they must be able to choose when to have a family. That means protecting access to abortion, women’s healthcare, and family planning tools and education. I also support protecting Connecticut healthcare providers and citizens from prosecution should they assist women from out-of-state to get access to this critical care.

Investing in Education

Our children deserve an excellent public education. I will work hard to provide the resources we need to make that a reality for every child.


A great education is the best way to ensure they become informed and productive citizens. That requires us to invest in school infrastructure; work together with teachers and administrators to ensure that the school curriculum provides children with accurate and unbiased information; and provide the resources children need to manage the mental health issues arising out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Investing in Infrastructure

Connecticut has received an infusion of infrastructure funding from the federal government. I will work to ensure that our communities receive our fair share.


Our communities need funding to repair our roads, bridges, and schools. We must also commit to improving transportation options which will attract new businesses and residents to our area.

Gun Violence
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As your state representative, I will find the right balance in preventing gun violence without infringing on the ability of law-abiding citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

There is no other developed country that experiences gun violence like ours. This is a uniquely American problem that we must solve now. That starts with common-sense gun regulations at the federal level that shift the balance from the right to own guns to the right to live without fear of being shot and killed wherever we are on any given day.

Connecticut is fortunate to have strong gun safety laws and legislative leaders who remain vigilant in protecting us. This must remain our priority, as government’s first obligation to its citizens is to keep us safe.


Climate Resiliency

We must be prepared for the inevitable effects of climate change. I am committed to working with state and local leaders to invest in climate impact mitigation.


As coastal towns, Stamford and Greenwich must become resilient to climate change to protect ourselves from increased flooding and storms. We must also address the causes of climate change by reducing emissions and improving public transportation. 

Expanding Voting Rights

I am committed to expanding voting access in our state.


Connecticut has some of the most regressive laws in the country regarding voting access. Our constitution prohibits voting except in person on Election Day — that needs to change. (The option to vote by mail in the last year was a temporary change due to Covid.) As a legislator, I will work hard to expand voting access to include early voting and voting by mail. 




Rachel has been a resident of the 149th district for over 20 years. She is a community advocate, entrepreneur, triathlete, and the parent of four daughters, the youngest of whom is a Junior at Greenwich High School.


Rachel was born and raised in France and moved to the United States when she was 8 years old. She went back to France for high school and returned to the U.S. for college. She is a graduate of Bryn Mawr College and Columbia University and holds a Master’s degree in Political Science. Prior to having children, Rachel worked in market research at Euromonitor International and then in marketing at Morgan Stanley Asset Management.


Running for elected state office is a natural extension of Rachel's longtime commitment to working for her community. She served on the Greenwich Representative Town Meeting (RTM) for 4 years as a representative for District 10. While on the RTM she was a proponent of a Sense of the Meeting Resolution to build a fire station in Northwest Greenwich. In addition, she has served on numerous community organization boards including Kids in Crisis, the Parkway PTA and the Greenwich Audubon Center.  Additionally, Rachel and her husband have been long-time supporters of the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich.


Rachel is a strong believer in reproductive rights, and is a longtime supporter of Planned Parenthood of Southern New England (PPSNE). She is also a member of CT Against Gun Violence. She is a champion for local farming and building a sustainable, resilient, and equitable food system.  In 2007, Rachel launched an organic meal delivery service, based in Banksville and serving Greenwich and Stamford, and later published two cookbooks.


Rachel believes that the 149th District deserves a representative in Hartford that represents our values, delivers results, and improves the lives of the people who live here.


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